Wood Stove & Fireplace Air Supply Ventilator

  • passive air supply ventilator side view
  • Close-up of air supply ventilator's filter
  • Close-up of innter grill and filters positioned behind it.
  • Photo of disassembled air supply ventilator
  • Graphic of air supply ventilator with parts labeled.

If your house is a typical tightly-built modern home, you need an Air Supply Ventilator (ASV). Whether you have a kitchen fan, bathroom fan, dryer vent, fireplace, or wood stove, your home would benefit from installing one or more ASVs.

Today’s architects, contractors, and intelligent homeowners realize that proper ventilation is a necessary component for personal health and a healthy home. By bringing fresh filtered make-up air into your house from outside, ASV ensures your fireplace or wood stove operates efficiently, with no smoke leakage.

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Graphic of the air flow from outdoors and into a home through the air supply ventilator (ASV)

Outside-In: How the ASV brings fresh air into your home

ASV is made of tough ABS polymer. Outside air enters ventilator through a louvered grill, which provides protection from rain. Insects and vermin are excluded by a separate screen located directly behind grill.

Air flows into your house through a tube inside ASV. Can be cut to fit any wall thickness up to 14 inches. Manually-operated damper controls airflow. Can be closed from inside room. If desired, you can dictate a constant minimum airflow by popping out an optional plug built into damper.

Standard filter comes with every ASV. Captures dust, and is removable for cleaning. Can be washed as often as you like. Also helps block outside noise, and allows maximum airflow. Filters ordinary dust particles exceeding 10 microns.

ASV comes complete with hardware and caulking for installation.

ASV price order
ASV-90 $99

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What our customers are saying:

“My wife and I have a very tight insulated home. Prior to installing an ASV, our wood burner’s flame was always very low, unless we opened a window or door. The ASV has solved our problem. It works great, so now we don’t have cold feet from keeping our outside door cracked while we use our wood burner. And it looks nice, too!"
Wayne Whittenbaugh - Dubuque, Iowa