BRV instructions for use

  • Photo of right side and front of between room vent
  • Side angle of between room vent
  • The between room vent disassembled into its two pieces

The BRV may be placed on any common wall between a room with an air supply vent and an adjacent room with a return vent. Be careful to select a section of wall that contains no studs, wiring or ductwork.

Installing Your BRV

Slide the two sides of the BRV apart and remove the square louvered grills. Use the round end of one of the tubes to trace a circle on the wall at the desired location. Cut out the round hole with a hole saw, jigsaw, or drywall saw. Mark the corresponding hole location on the other side of the wall, and repeat.

Assemble the two halves of the ventilator through the holes to be sure that they are properly aligned and will slide together. For standard walls (4 12 inches thick), use the inner section of pipe provided. For thinner walls, remove the inner pipe section. For walls thicker than 6 inches, order additional tube sections as needed.

With both halves of the ventilator in place, mark two screw locations on opposite corners on each side of the wall. Remove the two sides of the ventilator and drill the marked holes for the plastic anchors supplied in the hardware kit. Insert the anchors and use the 1 inch screws provided to attach both sides. Replace the square louvered grills on each side of the wall sections. Now, the 14 inch screws provided in the hardware kit can be used to secure the louvered grills to each side of the BRV.

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