TuffDuck™ firewood carry-alls

Our TuffDuck™ firewood carry-alls are premium quality, made to last!

Carry-alls are:

  • • super-durable corded polyester fabric
  • •stain resistant
  • •washable
  • •rot-proof
  • •fold flat for compact storage
  • •every TuffDuck bag is handmade in our own facility in Columbus, North Carolina

Five close-up shots of carry-alls with the different trim colors: khaki, arctic silver, firehouse red, sunburst yellow, and pueblo brown with forest green trim

Only the standard size bags are in stock. These are 9 inches tall by 9 inches wide and 19 inches long.

We used to make a larger size so please double check that this size will work for you.
standard carry-all price for one bag choose
pueblo brown fabric
forest green trim

Note: Each TuffDuck has subtle differences in the physical appearance of the fabric. Slight variations in color and texture are normal, and have no effect on performance or durability. TuffDuck products are rigorously tested for quality control.