Flamenco portable biofuel logsets

New Flamenco biofuel logsets are no longer available for purchase. You can call 828.894.8383 to purchase spare parts for your Flamenco. PatioLite fuel is available for purchase below.


SMARTFUEL™ Indoor & Outdoor Ventless Fireplace Fuel (Ethanol) - offered online

• uses SAFETY-POUR™ technology providing safer transfer of fuel from the bottle to the reservoir tank

• the only recycled ethanol fuel available in North America

• made from reclaimed and recycled waste products that contain alcohol, not from corn

• safe for indoor burning – no toxic emissions, only small amounts of CO2 and water vapor are emitted

• burns clean – no soot, no smoke and no residue in the tank

• the world’s greenest ethanol choice

• contains BITR™, an extreme bitterant that deters accidental ingestion by children and animals

• laboratory tested and certified

• provides consumer ‘peace of mind’

• proudly ‘Made in the USA’


PatioLite™ Advanced Biofuel - sold by Condar

• a beautiful yellow flame burns clean indoors

• venting unnecessary, so you can keep your fireplace damper closed

• burns longer and cleaner in Flamenco logset than our discontinued pourable gel

• lights safely and gently with silica wick, provided with fuel at no extra charge

• clear plant-based advanced biofuel

• not alcohol, not ethanol, isn’t gel

• comes in quart bottles with safety cap for safe storage

• environmentally conscious and non-toxic

• made in USA

Flamenco logsets burn with a realistic dancing flame. So much more appealing than “gel in a can” or candles. For use in USA and Canada, new PatioLite Biofuel is the only fuel we sell.




PatioLite Biofuel 32 oz. bottle



12 Pack PatioLite Biofuel 32 oz. bottles