Using StoveScents to make Candles

  • Photo of four Condar scents and the candles they made.
  • Condar Carolina Breeze scent, it's candle, with an ocean wave in the background since its scent invokes thoughts of an ocean breeze.
  • Condar bayberry Crystal scent, wax melt in warmer, and candle.
  • Condar winter Garland scent, candle, and evergreens in background because it smells like an evergreen forest.

Candle making is a fairly inexpensive endeavor with very unique rewards. In lieu of ordinary essential or fragrance oils, consider using StoveScents. Each a potpourri of multiple scents, StoveScents are unique and can create long lasting fragrant candles suitable for everyday use!

If you use paraffin wax, you can add as much StoveScents as you want. Our hobby candle-maker recommends using one bottle of scent to five large votive candles. If you would like more tips about creating candles with paraffin or soy wax, click here to see her tips in a printable pdf.

We offer a variety pack that includes all of our frangrance oils. Dare to indulge your senses and explore the unique diversity of StoveScents by Condar. Value priced with designer bottles and Made in the USA, StoveScents Make Sense!

StoveScents Fragrance Oils
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StoveScents variety pack
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