Condar welcomes international business

Condar Company is an experienced exporter. We regularly ship our products all over the world, to many different countries. Condar's shipping department knows all the necessary documentation to include with your shipment, to ensure your export order is delivered in an efficient, timely manner.

In the summer of 2012, Condar launched its first European branch, Woodlane Europe SAS, located in Angers, France. Local Angers- based company Logisseo will assist with logistics, offering fast, convenient shipping of Condar products anywhere within the EU. We invite you to visit our Condar Europe website.

In early 2013, Condar launched its Canada branch, Condar Canada, located in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa-based Ottawa Logistics will assist with logistics, offering fast, convenient shipping of Condar products anywhere within Canada. We invite you to visit our Condar Canada website.

Dedicated to export sales

Export Sales Manager, Mike Whitt, promptly responds to all international inquiries, and will be glad to prepare a shipping quote for your approval. Condar works with many different shipping carriers, including FedEx, United Parcel Service, and International Mail Post. Multiple shipping quotes are routinely requested to determine the most economical carrier for dealer orders. If you have a preferred carrier, or if fast delivery is more important than lowest price, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Our site is currently equipped with a language translation tool, which we hope you will find useful as you learn more about our products. Select your preferred language in the “Translate” pull-down menu located in the upper right corner of any page on this site. The translation is computer generated, so we apologize if the text does not read exactly as intended.

How to place an order

Please be aware, if you are using the translation tool to read product pages, you will have to exit to place an order.

If you would like more information about any Condar products, including a price quote with shipping costs, please e-mail Karen. He will be glad to guide you through the order process.

Alternatively, if you already know what you want, you may order online by credit card using our secure shopping cart.

Please note: Condar's shopping cart is programmed to automatically calculate shipping costs via US Mail to Canada or "Other / International." Simply select the appropriate option for your location and proceed with checkout as instructed. See the right-hand bar to view the International Shipping Rates.

Finding Condar products in your country

Distribution of Condar products is growing worldwide. You may find what you are looking for available for purchase within your country. To inquire about international distribution and availability, e-mail Karen. Likewise, if you are interested in becoming an international Condar dealer, we would love to know more about your business.