StoneGard soapstone thermometer

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  • Condar soapstone thermometer on soapstone stove top

Our StoneGard thermometer monitors soapstone temperature for optimal performance and long life. Locate the StoneGard thermometer in the center of the top stone, on the top of your soapstone stove. Soapstone stoves are engineered so that their ideal operating surface temperatures are less hot than steel or cast-iron. Sustained temperatures in excess of 600℉ will cause stones to crack and may damage stove components.

Note: StoneGard thermometer will not register changes in temperature quickly due to the thickness and heat retention of soapstone.

Condar Stonegard soapstone thermometer

StoneGard soapstone stove thermometer

General guidelines for best performance

  1. 1. Below 200℉ (90℃): too cool, smoke and creosote.
  2. 2. 200 – 300℉ (90 – 150℃): efficient operation, low heat stored.
  3. 3. 300 – 500℉ (150 – 260℃): efficient operation, high heat stored.
  4. 4. Above 500℉ (260℃): overheating stove, may crack soapstone.

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What our customers are saying:

"I like the StoneGard, particularly the four demarcations of "too cool" up to "too hot." I know that with my stove; once burning and checking the temperatures inside the baking compartment and on top of the will be easier to tell a visitor or house-sitter how to gauge the fire."
Ted Palmer - Minneapolis, Minnesota