How our humidifiers are made

  • Condar blue aluminum humidifier with chrome handle
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Condar’s aluminum humidifier is crafted from recycled cast aluminum in a family owned foundry, right here in the USA.

Birth of the Condar aluminum humidifier

The aluminum humidifier began with a detailed set of blueprints, showing thickness, curves, and other dimensions. In accordance with these blueprints, the pattern master carved an exact replica of the half-kettle called the master pattern.

A second pattern was sculpted to form the inside of the humidifier. This inner pattern is necessary because the aluminum humidifier is a core casting, meaning it has a large hollow area that must be formed to exacting standards. Core patterns and castings are much more complex than regular flat castings.

Hand-crafted master patterns were then used to produce a production pattern, made from aluminum, and cast as part of a large rectangular plate. The plate allows the pattern to be mounted on a special mold-making machine. Separate production patterns were made for the body of the aluminum humidifier, the lid, and the hollow center.

Production patterns were then pressed into a special kind of sand, which rigidly holds its shape, forming sand molds. A sand mold was made for both the back and the front of the kettle.

Subsequently, each aluminum humidifier is created by pouring molten Aluminum into the two sand molds. Before the two halves are mated, a core pattern is placed in the hollow of the sand mold. The core is made of a special substance formulated to withstand the heat of the molten aluminum for a short time.

The red-hot liquid metal is then poured into the mold. Once the molten metal starts to cool, the core pattern ignites and is instantly consumed by flames, leaving a cavity to form the inside of the aluminum humidifier.

The sand is shaken off the mated humidifier, and it is sent to the machine shop for grinding, finishing, and drilling. The burnished aluminum humidifier is polished to a finish similar to pewter. The humidifiers are finished with a special high-temperature paint. (Please note: You may notice a slight odor when using for the first time. This odor will disappear once the paint has cured.)


If your aluminum humidifier has run dry and your stove is still hot, allow the kettle to cool before adding more water. Pouring water into a hot empty kettle can result in a flash of steam, causing serious burns.

Do not drink water out of the Aluminum Humidifier. It is for humidification only.

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Why is it a half-kettle?

Our lightweight aluminum half kettle was developed a few years ago to fit on the narrow ledge of woodstove inserts. Conventional round kettles will fall off but the half kettle nestles perfectly!

As free standing woodstove surfaces have become smaller, the half kettle aluminum humidifier makes a lot of sense – it takes up less room on the stove top but holds just as much water as conventional round kettles.

What our customers are saying:

“I searched and searched for a steamer for my stove that was manufactured in the USA. I refuse to buy anything else. Thank you for manufacturing in the USA. We hear from people all the time how manufacturing in the USA is a good thing but simply cannot be done. I am thrilled that you manufacture and source from the USA."
Patty Baisden - Manassas, Virginia