Why it is intelligent to use a wood stove thermometer?

Graphic explaining Condar's standard zone markings for too cool, best, and too hot temperatures on magnetic wood stove thermometer

Burn efficiently
Even well-engineered wood stoves must be operated properly to achieve maximum efficiency. Many people burn their stoves unnecessarily hot and therefore fuel is wasted without generating additional room heat. Use a thermometer to know when the fire is consuming wood too fast, exceeding the manufacturer’s most efficient operating temperature zone.

Protect your wood stove
It is impossible to know accurately, simply by looking at the flames, the temperatures of your wood stove and chimney flue. The thermometer warns you when your fire is too hot for your wood stove. Extend its service lifetime by avoiding damage to metal components.

Burn more safely
When under-fired, wood stove fires are smoky, causing fire hazard from creosote tar build-up in the stovepipe. A wood stove thermometer tells you when your fire temperature is too cool, and again informs you when optimum temperature is achieved, so you can decelerate your burn rate before the wood stove gets too hot.

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