Instructions for use

  • Condar Chimgard stovepipe magnetic thermometer
  • Condar Woodsaver magnetic thermometer for single wall stovepipe

Condar thermometers attach magnetically, directly to metal flue pipe. Optimal location is at eye level, no less than 12 inches above the top of the stove. Each thermometer comes with a cool-touch bail for ease of movement. The bail, a flip-up stainless steel handle, can be used to reposition the thermometer.

Note: All genuine Condar bails are unpainted silver metal. If you observe a woodstove thermometer with a black painted bail, it’s a knock-off product from China which is not manufactured by Condar Company.

Guidelines for temperature readings

Consult your stove manufacturer's manual for precise temperature recommendations. See below for approximate guidelines, if installed at eye level on a single-wall flue pipe:

Less than 230℉ (110℃): Temperature too low. Incomplete combustion, causing smoke, soot and hazardous creosote. Open draft and/or add dry fuel.

230℉ to 475℉ (110℃ to 250℃): Safe operating temperature. Complete combustion and best efficiency.

Greater than 475℉ (250℃): Wasting energy, possibly overheating. While high temperatures are often reached on initial firing, should not be maintained for normal operation.

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